• Two fresh rolls wrapped in rice wrapper stuffed with fresh vegetables and noodles
  • Meat with black mushroom, onion, carrot and bell pepper
  • Grilled pork marinated with Thai herbs and spices. Served with Tiger Cry sauce
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About us

The Story Starts Here. As a Thai American growing up in Los Angeles, Thai food is everywhere but nothing like the streets of Bangkok. My family grew up along the hustle and bustle of the night market in the Huai Kwang District.

Grabbing a late night dinner along the busy smokey streets, listening to the beats of music, laughter, and watching the elders shop for fruits and veggies to prepare for the next day as usual. I remember sitting late at night at a table, sweating from eating the hot spicy lemongrass soup watching my grandma shop along the busy streets with her little bag of fruits and dessert. She had energy! She lived this life and she was in Bangkok! I remember her cooking, made from her heart, healthy and full of color from what her ancestors taught. From this, I bring to you and your families flavorful, mouthwatering, spice packed dishes.